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Korea unveils roster

Korea unveils roster

Heading to Khabarovsk for camp

Published 03.04.2014 19:45 GMT+9 | Author Jungmin Kim
Korea unveils roster
Minho Cho is among the returnees on the Korean team from last year's Division I Group A in Budapest. Photo: Laszlo Mudra
The Korea Ice Hockey Association announced the roster for the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group A on home ice in Goyang.

Head coach Sunwook Byun will be leading a national team which started to practise on 24th March at the Taereung Ice Rink. Korea will be in Khabarovsk, Russia, from 2nd to 14th April for a training camp. During this period, the team will have four exhibition games against local teams as preparation for the tournament in Goyang.

The roster also includes three Canadian-born, naturalized players and experienced veterans from Daemyung Sangmu Seoul.

Brock Radunske (Anyang Halla) is preparing for his second World Championship Division I event as a Korean. He had three goals and two assists in the 2013 event in Budapest. Forward Michael Swift and powerful defencemen Bryan Young got Korean citizenship in January and will play their first games in an IIHF championship in Goyang.

Swift is a talented player who scored most goals in the Asia League for three consecutive years. His teammate from High1, Young, is expected to improve the penalty kill, which has been a weakness of the Korean team.

Woosang Park (Daemyung Sangmu) has not recovered from injury yet but is still preparing for the World Championship while Sangwoo Shin (Daemyung Sangmu), who suffered a shoulder injury in the last round of the Asia League’s regular season, will be missing. Kisung Kim (Daemyung Sangmu) and his younger brother Sangwook Kim (Anyang Halla) will be playing their fourth consecutive World Championship together since 2011.

Korea jumped to 25th to 23rd place in the IIHF World Ranking in February and they will face Slovenia (14th), Austria (16th). Hungary (19th), Ukraine (20th) and Japan (22th) in the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group A.

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Since this championship is considered as a first step towards the next Winter Olympics in PyeongChang for the Koreans, it will be a very meaningful event for the team that will have strong willingness to improve last year’s 2-4 record and fifth-place finish in Budapest.

Korean Roster

Sungje Park, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Hosung Son, Anyang Halla

Donghwan Kim, High1 Chuncheon
Hyunsoo Kim, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Hyonho Oh, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Donku Lee, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Yoonhwan Kim, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Wooyoung Kim, Anyang Halla
Bryan Young, High1 Chuncheon
Junil Chang, High1 Chuncheon

Kisung Kim, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Woosang Park, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Yongjun Lee, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Minho Cho, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Hyunmin Ahn, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Wonjung Kim, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Brock Radunske, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Sangwook Kim, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Youngjun Lee, Anyang Halla
Michael Swift, High1 Chuncheon
Hyungjoon Kim, High1 Chuncheon
Sanghoon Shin, Kiekko Vantaa (FIN2)

Reserve Players: Hyunho Hwang, Sinil Suh, Byungchun Jung, Jinhui Ahn, Wonjun Kim, Bumjin Kim.

Coaching Staff:
Head coach: Sunwook Byun, Daemyung Sangmu Seoul
Assistant coach: Euisik Shim, Anyang Halla
Assistant coach: Yoonsung Kim, High1 Chuncheon
Assistant coach: Sungbae Kim, Korea Ice Hockey Association


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